- AI
Data enrichment

We use AI to enrich your data
and find the essence of the respondents' answers

An open-ended question can provide a lot of answers

"What product features, would you like to see in the future?"
Survey online ai analysis
More product
features like: ...
Survey online ai analysis
delivery time ...
Survey online ai analysis
support ...
Survey online ai analysis
assortment ...

Find out what your customers really are saying

We use AI to make data meaningful
The answers can be many and relate to very different areas.
We use AI machine learning to extract the essential information and create an overview.
Survey AI result

The process

A number of steps are taken in the process where data from the result of the questions are processed.

The underlying data processing takes place in a series of jobs in a job queue.

Most analyzes are performed in real time, but with large amounts of data, expected time for completion will be announced.