A modern survey editor,
that makes it easy for you.

Types of questions

All essential types of questions are available, so you can make exactly the questionnaire your survey requires.

Logic and Page Setup

You can set up logical relationships between the questions and control the page composition of questions.


Use your own design in your questionnaire
or use one of our design templates.

You can design:

- Questionnaire
- Collection of answers
- Analyzes
- Reports

and much more...


Collection of responses can be set up through a number of different channels.
Here some of them:

- Email
- Website popup
- Weblink
- QR Codes
- Manual entry
- Social Media

Analyzes &

You can set up views that focus on what is essential.

Report design

Based on the analysis result, you can set up a report design, which can be exported to various formats

Team & collaboration

You can create a group around your survey and invite colleagues to collaborate.

You can create:

- Roles
- Work areas
- Comment on data within the group