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The questionnaire is one of the most used tools for conducting surveys, whether you want to do a customer satisfaction survey, analyze user satisfaction on your website, examine customer segment purchase preferences or something completely different. One of the reasons why the questionnaire is popular is that it has many advantages over other quantitative ways of collecting data. Anyone can make a questionnaire online and it is therefore a cheap way to reach out to many people and get their opinion. In this article, we take a closer look at how to make a good questionnaire online.

We provide some general advice that you can use no matter what context you are compiling a questionnaire. The article is primarily targeted at companies that want to do questionnaire surveys, but if you need to make a questionnaire in other contexts, you will definitely also be able to get good advice by reading here.

Tips for formulating the questions in your questionnaire

The core of a questionnaire is, of course, the questions that you would like answered. Therefore, it also makes good sense to spend a lot of time asking the questions in the right way. When formulating the questions, you need to consider what knowledge it is that you need to draw from your form, thereby you can also become sharper on what themes they need to get around with your questions.

Once you have an overview of the themes, you can start formulating the questions. Make sure you stick to simple and easy-to-understand questions and simple sentence constructions. Long and gnarled sentences with many technical terms that give rise to misunderstandings also mean that the answers may not be very useful. Do not complicate the questionnaire by asking several questions in the same sentence, as you will confuse the respondent unnecessarily, instead divide the question into two parts. In addition, make sure that the questions are as neutral as possible and you do not ask leading questions, your interest is in getting the respondent's honest input. You should also assess how far your questionnaire should be, you should like to have all your questions answered. If you ask too many questions, you risk that the respondents lose interest along the way and jump off, then you may be left with a lot of answers, where only parts of your questionnaire are answered - therefore focus on what is "need to know ”and not“ nice to know ”

Good advice on the answer scale when creating a questionnaire

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The answer scale is the answer options you give to your questions. In order for you to be able to gather the answers and aggregate the data, it is necessary that you have predominantly closed questions. This means that there is a fixed set of predefined answer options and not only open fields that the respondent can fill in.
In this example, the respondent's expectations for exercise habits in 2021 are asked with the following question: “Do you want more or less focus on exercise in 2021 compared to 2020?”. The response scale here can be:

Larger than 2020
- The same as 2020
- Less than 2020

As far as possible, avoid using categories such as “do not know” it is often difficult to use “do not know” answers for something in the subsequent analysis work. It is also important that there is a balance in your response scale so that you have equal parts positive and equal parts negative answer options so that the answer options are balanced.
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Test your questionnaire!

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Once you have formulated the questions and prepared answer options, your questionnaire is ready to test. You decide for yourself how much you want to test the form. A test can range from sending a link to a few colleagues and asking them to fill out the form, to you finding test takers among customers and hearing if they will help test your questionnaire. Whichever model you choose, it is important that you pick up on the experience that the test subjects have had with filling out the questionnaire. Therefore, do a small interview with the test subjects after they have completed the questionnaire survey. Once you have done the interview, you have also been given an indication of the things that need to be adjusted in the questionnaire before you can send it out into the world.

Create Questionnaire - How to Reach Respondents?

Part of making the questionnaire is also to think about how it should be distributed. With an online questionnaire, there are many opportunities to reach your target audience. The questionnaire can be sent by email, it can be published on social media or it can be posted on your website. If you have many visitors to your website and many followers on social media, it is obvious that you use these channels. It is entirely up to you to assess how you can best reach the target audience.
We hope that in this article we have given you some tips on how to work with a make a questionnaire. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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