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Do you have fealing of the pulse in relation to your customers? Do you know if they are satisfied with the product or service that your company provides? If you can not answer yes to these questions, you should consider taking the temperature of your customers. Companies live off loyal customers, therefore customer loyalty should also be high on the agenda of any company. Here we give you some good advice on how to find out what your customers demand from you, so you can build customer loyalty with the most important customer segments in the market your company is in.

What does loyal customers mean?

Loyal customers are customer groups who keep coming back to your business to buy your product or service. These particularly important and loyal customers are also called core customers and it is a customer group that all companies should focus on. If you have many loyal and loyal customers, your company also has a solid foundation for growth. Loyal customers are customers who can identify with your brand or your products and will always return to them.

If you have such a loyalty relationship from a customer group, it also means that you do not have to constantly struggle to get new customers in your business, they simply come by themselves.

Core customers can act as ambassadors

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But core customers do not just arise by themselves. Therefore, it makes very good sense to identify the loyal customers and provide an extra good service to these customers or give them special benefits. Core customers can in fact act as ambassadors for your company, they can create positive awareness about your brand, your products or the services you sell - in this way they can contribute to creating further growth.

How to create greater customer loyalty?

There are different ways to create greater customer loyalty, you can try your hand at different initiatives, but there is no guarantee of success and often you will grope blindly. Therefore, they make very good sense to "stick your finger in the ground" and ask the customers! Maybe you think it seems like a heavy and cumbersome process to have to ask your customers. It can also be that it feels like a bit of a barrier to make contact with customers. But it actually does not have to be cumbersome, complicated or expensive to get this knowledge. Once you know the value of loyal and returning customers and this part of your customer group grows, you will not regret for a second that you initiated a customer loyalty survey.

How can you investigate customer loyalty?

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There are several ways to research customer loyalty, but one of the best and most effective ways to reach customers is through online surveys. This is partly due to the fact that you can reach a very large number of respondents with relatively few funds. The questionnaire is also easy to distribute and you can do it through several different channels such as email, SMS, social media, or your webshop / website if that is the way you interact with your customers. In addition, it is easy to process the data afterwards. These are some of the reasons why we recommend that you use an online questionnaire for your customer loyalty survey.

What should you ask about in your customer loyalty questionnaire?

In order for you to use the results of your questionnaire survey to grow your business, it is important that you ask the right questions in your questionnaire for customer loyalty. What you specifically need to ask depends, of course, on which industry you are in and whether it is a product or service you are selling. A basic rule, however, is that your questionnaire should not be too extensive, then the respondents lose interest in answering it and jump off before they are finished. When you enter into a collaboration with us to create an online questionnaire, we know exactly how the questionnaire should be structured and distributed and how the specific questions should be designed so that all parts of the process are optimal and the results can be used.

What do you do when you receive the answers?

Once you have received the answers from your respondents, all the questionnaires received must be processed. But do not be afraid, because we design a clear report where you get a quick overview of the answers. Here you can also get an insight into what your customers value highly and which elements of your business strategy you should therefore turn on, to create more customer loyalty. You can easily translate answers into concrete initiatives that can provide more returning and loyal customers in your company!

We help you gain more loyal customers!

We are ready to help you on your journey towards greater customer loyalty and we want to be your professional sparring partner. We have extensive experience in preparing a targeted free survey that gives you all the right answers so you can optimize your customer contact. Contact us and let us have a non-binding conversation about how we can help create greater customer loyalty in your company!

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