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We offer a wide range of customer satisfaction survey templates. These are customer satisfaction measurement templates that you can customize to fit your customers, your product, and your business. By building a survey about customer satisfaction via templates, you achieve a fast work process and at the same time you ensure that you include all aspects in your survey.

Why work with customer satisfaction?

Secure knowledge of your customers' satisfaction with your company and your products is the best source to develop your business in a positive direction.
Customers and their customer satisfaction are, in fact, one of the best parameters for understanding the legitimacy of your business and its products.

By researching customer satisfaction, it will be possible to gain knowledge that can contribute to the development of new products and services that benefit your customers and ultimately your business.

High customer satisfaction gives your company a number of benefits:

- Customer loyalty.
- Lasting competitive advantages.
- Better influx of new customers.
- Increases sales.
- Improve your Brand.

Do you have real knowledge about your customers' experiences and wishes?

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One may mistakenly believe that one has an indication of customer satisfaction by taking the daily dialogue with customers as being an expression of customer satisfaction. The daily customer dialogue is an expression of customer satisfaction for a specific type of customer whose profile is not comprehensive for all customer segments. So it is just as important to hear the customers that your company does not normally hear from.

Knowledge of customer satisfaction is not obtained by asking the customers who are already in dialogue with your company and who have already expressed opinions and attitudes to your product.

Real knowledge about customer satisfaction is obtained through qualitative and quantitative surveys with questionnaires or the like, where a sufficiently large selection of customers is asked.

Here, the number of respondents to a customer satisfaction survey is relevant to achieve statistical significance. In addition, research should be extended to as many customer segments as possible.

What is customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is the overall experience that your customers have of you and your company. To uncover customer satisfaction, it is necessary to ask your customers a number of questions:

How satisfied are the customers today
Why do they trade with you and not with your competitor
What is their expectation for you and your product
What elements do your customers appreciate today
How do customers experience that your company differs from competitors
What improvements do customers see in the future

Plus a host of other questions.

Customer satisfaction should be seen as an overall picture to understand the value of customer satisfaction.
It is e.g. amazingly rare that customers experience the big difference in the product itself. Therefore, customer satisfaction must be seen as an overall picture of attitudes, experiences and wishes.

Every business should be able to provide an accurate snapshot of customer satisfaction, as this parameter is incredibly essential for any business. Therefore, customer satisfaction research should be done continuously in order to improve the company today and in the future.

Definition of customer satisfaction

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There are many offers of customer satisfaction. But one of the most common is:
The customer's experience in relation to the customer's expectation

This definition of customer satisfaction is central as it combines the concepts of experience and expectations. When your customers have their buying experience with your product, the size ratio between experience and expectation will be central: The better experience your customers get in relation to their expectations, the higher the customer satisfaction.

When can you influence customer satisfaction?

The customer's experiences with your product and your company typically have the following processes:

Knowledge gathering on the Internet
Building expectation
The purchase itself
Consumption of product

The above points contain a number of touch points where your customers are in touch with your company and your product. At each point, there is a customer experience and an expectations vote. Is the experience better than expected? At all points, it is possible to influence customer satisfaction.

The Importance of Customer Segmentation for Your Customer Satisfaction?

Not all customers are the same. Therefore, it is important that you know your customer segments before measuring their customer satisfaction. Customers can be divided into demographic data, age and gender. But it is just as important to divide customers according to behavior and course of action.

Common to your customer segments, however, are typical common features, such as: need for security with your product / service, experience of success with the product and a collaboration between you and the customer when needed.

Your Customer Satisfaction Goals

There must be clear goals for customer satisfaction in order to create efficiency. What happens if these goals are not achieved?

There must be clear definitions of what is expected of staff involved in the customer experience. Does every employee agree on what is meant by good service and good customer contact? It is essential that the customer gets a good consistent customer experience to get high customer satisfaction. Here, it is not enough just to draw up a set of guidelines. Guidelines must be simple in order to be translated into behavior that provides the good experience for the customer that exceeds expectations.

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