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A good customer experience not only gives happy customers, it also gives returning customers and returning customers gives plus on the bottom line. Therefore, it is also alpha and omega for all companies that customers are satisfied with the experience they have when they buy a product or service in your company and live the product or service up to the expectations they may have, then you have a good starting point for profit and growth. However, customer satisfaction is not something that comes naturally, it is something that you must continuously work with in your company.
h2> Dissatisfied customers give bad publicity
There are no companies that collect on dissatisfied customers. Dissatisfied customers can mean that your company and your brand get bad publicity and therefore discourage other potential customers from shopping with you. That is why it is important for you to keep your finger on the pulse and know what your customers think about your business and what makes them satisfied customers. If you have continuously updated knowledge about your customers' preferences, you also have a much greater chance of preventing you from getting dissatisfied customers and bad publicity in your company.

The qualitative method

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There are various methods to uncover customer satisfaction. Overall, one can distinguish between qualitative methods and quantitative methods. Qualitative methods can, for example, be interviews that are semi-structuring, here you have the opportunity to get in depth and pursue different issues with the individual interviewee. However, there is a limitation in using only this method, for example, the data you get in is unstructured, not measurable and the circle of customers you can reach with your survey is limited. In addition, it is a demanding exercise for the client to participate in the survey, as this method requires the respondent to set aside plenty of time to participate in interviews. Precisely for this reason, we rarely recommend this method in connection with customer satisfaction surveys.

The quantitative method

The quantitative method focuses more on collecting larger amounts of data that are more structured than the qualitative method. One way to collect quantitative data is through structured interviews or questionnaires. Questionnaires are therefore very suitable for customer satisfaction surveys, because here you have the opportunity to reach a large number of respondents without it costing you a fortune. The questionnaire can be set up as an online questionnaire. An online questionnaire means that the customer can fill in the questionnaire online, so there is no hassle with questionnaires to be sent back and forth.

How do you gain insight into the customer satisfaction of your customers?

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We always recommend that you design your customer satisfaction survey in an online questionnaire. There are many good reasons for this. For example, the questionnaire can be easily distributed via several online channels and it can also be entered as part of the purchase flow if you have a webshop and want the customers' assessment of the purchase experience. You can also send a link when you send the invoice to the customer by email, or you can send a link to the questionnaire a few weeks after the customer has completed a purchase at your company - the possibilities are many!
It is easy to set up a questionnaire online and it can be done so that the respondent can jump between the questions. For example, it may make sense if an answer to one question gives rise to that question being skipped. If you need it, you can also include photos or video in the questionnaire. An advantage for you as a company is that it is easy to get an overview of the answers and you can see them as quickly as they are answered.

What to ask in a customer satisfaction survey

The questions you need to ask should always be based on your company and your products or services. A key word when designing the questionnaire is whether your company or your product matches the customer's expectations. If there is no match between the customer's expectations for the buying experience, product quality and customer service and the experience of the same, the reason is laid for dissatisfied customers. Therefore, it is important that you get the customers' expectations of your company uncovered through the questions. Of course, we make sure to prepare a report that you can use to improve customer satisfaction in your business. Based on customer feedback, you have the opportunity to adjust your current strategies so that you can achieve greater customer satisfaction, which can ultimately also be seen on the bottom line.

So let's get started!

We hope that with this article you have opened your eyes to what a customer satisfaction survey questionnaire can do for your business. We are ready to give you sparring on your questionnaire, so you get the optimal result out of your questionnaire survey. Do not hesitate to contact us so we can have a non-binding conversation about how we can help you create better customer satisfaction!

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