Questionnaire surveys for students, teachers and professional educators.
Our online education surveys are the easiest way to gather relevant feedback on teaching.
Feedback on teaching

Feedback on teaching

Our online templates cover questionnaire regarding feedback for: Parents on behalf of their children, feedback at the class level or generally as a student.
Get an honest answer on how teachers, the teaching material and the whole school are experienced by the pupil or student.

Questionnaires can be put together so that they hit exactly the level of education that you want to investigate.

Get feedback levels deeper than "bad-good-better" by letting our AI analyze open-ended response options from the respondent.

Automate surveys

Get feedback systematized with periodic surveys. By doing repeated surveys, it is possible to track the results of the ongoing improvements that your school is working on.

Feedback can be collected during training or shortly after training is completed. Get feedback while the experience is still fresh.

Education plays an important role in our lives. It is crucial that learning is experienced satisfactorily and has a quality that meets the student's expectations.
Automate surveys

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