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It is important for the work environment in a workplace that employees are satisfied with being in the workplace. That is why there is also such a strong focus on employee satisfaction in most companies. In this article, we take a closer look at what tools you can use to take the temperature of employee satisfaction in your company. A really good tool for this purpose is a questionnaire for employee satisfaction.

What is employee satisfaction?

It is difficult to give a concrete fact list of what employee satisfaction covers, as it can be individual from employee to employee what are some conditions in the workplace that make the individual employee satisfied and thrive in the workplace. It may be that some factors may affect one employee a lot in terms of satisfaction while other factors are more important to another employee. Often, however, there will be some general consistent traits that make employees happy with their jog and workplace. Some of the factors that generally contribute to job satisfaction are, for example, the following areas:

- Mutual respect between employees and managers
- A good mental work environment
- A good tone with colleagues
Opportunity to influence own work tasks
- Good physical environment

However, there may also be other themes that may be important to focus on in exactly your business.

Employee satisfaction also provides a better bottom line

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In addition to satisfied employees of course providing a better working environment in the workplace, there is also an economic perspective for the company in having satisfied employees.
In order for the company to utilize its potential optimally and create results and growth, employees must have the best possible framework for performance. Employees who are satisfied are often more committed and loyal to their jobs, and this can be read on the company's bottom line. On the contrary, dissatisfaction in the staff can mean that the company does not realize the potential that is in the staff in relation to creating results.

How to focus on employee satisfaction?

Employee satisfaction must be put on the agenda every single day in the company. Our 360 degree employee analysis, is a questionnaire where you get all the way around with the employee. Many companies have a set of values ??that work from. It is a good idea to think employee satisfaction and well-being into the company's values. In this way, well-being and a good working environment become part of everyday life and a theme that both managers and employees focus on in their daily work every single day. However, it is also a really good idea to measure employee satisfaction and follow up on it, so that you as a company have a clear starting point for working on optimizing employee satisfaction.

How to Measure Satisfaction Among Your Employees

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One of the best ways to measure employee satisfaction is by asking employees. This is done most effectively with a questionnaire for employee satisfaction. With a questionnaire, all employees have the opportunity to speak and give their opinion. It is important that employees have the opportunity to remain anonymous when completing the questionnaire. This allows them to express their honest opinion without being dragged into the boss's office next Monday and having to explain the answer. Before initiating a questionnaire survey, it is also a good idea to inform the employees about the framework for the satisfaction survey, how it is carried out and what the result of the survey is to be used for.
Use our 360 degree employee analysis as a questionnaire for your employee.

Get professional help for your Employee Satisfaction Questionnaire

A questionnaire must of course be structured so that all the relevant themes are asked in a good and professional way. It is a good idea to get the assistance of a consulting firm to develop your questionnaires. This ensures that you are asked in a systematic and professional way and you get a result of the satisfaction survey, which you as a company can work on. Often the consulting company will meet with you, so that the questionnaire is tailored exactly to your company. When the survey has been completed, you will receive a report that you can work on further.
You may find that just doing a questionnaire survey will increase employee satisfaction. It sends a strong signal that you as a company take employee well-being and satisfaction seriously.

What do you do when the survey is completed?

Once the survey has been completed and the results of the satisfaction survey are available, it is of course important that you address the areas where there may be challenges in the workplace. It is a good idea to gather the employees for a meeting and present the results of the survey - both the positive feedback and the areas where you have challenges. On this occasion, you as a management can also present a strategy for how you will work with the aspects that the satisfaction survey has uncovered.

Do a follow-up survey

It is a good idea to take the temperature of employee satisfaction on a regular basis with a questionnaire for employee satisfaction. If the questionnaire survey shows that you have some specific challenges to work with, it is a particularly good idea to conduct a follow-up questionnaire survey. We hope that with this article we have given you inspiration on how you can work with satisfaction surveys via a questionnaire in your company.

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