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Questionnaires or surveys, as it is also called, have become a very popular way of researching various topics and matters. Looking back in time, it used to be a big task to prepare, distribute and analyze questionnaires. At that time, the questionnaire had to be made on paper and sent out by post. The proliferation of the Internet, however, has made many things much easier, including the use of questionnaires. Today, questionnaires can be created very easily online. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at online questionnaires that you can prepare today for free.

Create a free online questionnaire

It is not only easier to make questionnaires today, with the many possibilities of the web. It's also much cheaper - in fact, you can create a free questionnaire online. The online questionnaire also offers a wealth of different options that you do not have when making a regular paper questionnaire. You can vary the way you ask and the answer options that can be chosen in a multitude of different ways. For example, you can use an assessment scale where the respondent (the respondent is an expression of the person answering the questionnaire) assesses a statement on a scale that you can define in advance. You can also ask the respondent to rank different statements according to how important they are to them or you can use pictures in the answer options that the respondent has the opportunity to choose.

This is just a small selection of the possibilities an online questionnaire opens up - there are many other possibilities, but you will find out when you start making your free questionnaire online.

Be thorough with the preparation

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No matter what type of survey you want to complete with your free questionnaire, you need to be thorough when preparing your questions. It is about asking the right questions that give you the knowledge you need in your further work, at the same time you have to ask questions that the respondent can not misunderstand. It is therefore a good idea to get sparring from a colleague and input on the questions, it is fortunately easy to collaborate on the free questionnaire. You can invite employees into a group where you can both edit in the questionnaire. You can also get a few colleagues to do a test of your questionnaire before you distribute it, so you can have time to adjust it if there are some elements that seem inappropriate or questions that need to be reformulated.
You can e.g. conduct a market research with a free questionnaire

Perform a free questionnaire survey

Once you have completed the questionnaire, it must be sent to those who will answer it. Here are many different channels you can make use of when distributing the free questionnaire, it is entirely up to you which one you choose and of course it also depends on what you are asking about. It can often be a good idea to combine several different channels so that you reach further with your free questionnaire survey.
However, the choice of distribution method is also context-dependent. For example, you may want to research what the visitors of your website think about the website, so of course it makes the most sense for the questionnaire to be distributed to your website so that visitors can relate to the website when answering the questions. You can also create a link to a questionnaire survey, which can be shared on social media, another option is of course to send invitations to the questionnaire via email.

Analyze the results

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Once the questionnaire survey is complete and you have gathered the answers needed to answer your survey, it is time to analyze the answers! In the free questionnaire, there are plenty of options and analysis tools you can make use of in your analysis. You have the opportunity both to dive into the individual answers and to gather the answers into different aggregated groupings. In addition, you have the option of creating filters when you need to analyze the answers. You also have the opportunity to share your results with your colleagues, who have the opportunity to comment on the results - in other words, the possibilities are many and it is entirely up to you how you want to analyze the result of your questionnaire and what analysis tools you want to use.
With us you can analyze and make a presentation of your analysis results of e.g. a market research.

Present your results

Once the questionnaire survey is completed, it is time to present the results. Here, the free questionnaire also provides several different options. For example, you can export your results to Powerpoint or PDF and insert conclusions in the presentation of the study. How and for whom you want to present the results of your survey obviously depends on what type of survey you have conducted. If you work in a company and have completed the questionnaire survey as part of a market survey or a customer loyalty survey, it may be relevant to present the survey to management in the company. If you have completed the free questionnaire survey as part of a training course, it may be that it must be included in a study assignment.

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