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You have probably tried to participate in a market research, or a market analysis, as it is also called. Maybe you have been called to an agency that has asked you some questions about your shopping habits. However, market research can be done in many other ways than the traditional telephone interviews. In this article, we take a closer look at how you can use a questionnaire for market research.

Why is it important to do a market research?

If you own a business and you want to enter a new market or position yourself in an existing market, a market research is an important tool to gain competitive advantage. If you do not know the market you are in as well as the behavior of your competitors and your customers, you have a great untapped potential in your business.

No matter what industry your company is in, it is therefore important that you have the necessary knowledge of what your customers demand. With the concrete knowledge that the market research will give your company, your company also has a significantly better basis for developing a strategy that can gain you larger market shares and thus a better market position and growth in the company.

What can the market research help to investigate?

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This is a very relevant question to ask! What is typically uncovered, by conducting a market research, are factors such as customers' behavior patterns, what makes them prefer a specific product and what are their preferences when choosing that product or service over another. It is also relevant to look at how customers' behavior is at the time of purchase and what trading channels they are using. Likewise, one can look at how customers are affected by advertising and other marketing and how advertising affects their choice of products or service.
However, the above are just some of the elements that may be relevant for you as a company to dive into. There may also be more industry-specific issues that are important to uncover in relation to the specific industry you operate within. All of this is something we will clarify in dialogue with you when we, in collaboration with your company, prepare the questionnaire that will form the basis for your market research.
See possibly our division of market research for a product survey.

How to do a market research?

There are many different methods for how to conduct a market research and one can have different methodological approaches to doing it. Overall, one can distinguish between qualitative market research and quantitative market research. The qualitative method is typically interviews that are semi-structured, ie without using a completely fixed template, while the qualitative method proposes that interviews are conducted with a fixed structure and with a clear question frame. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, however, the quantitative method has the advantage that it is easier to process the data subsequently and draw conclusions from the collected data.


questionnaire is perfect for market research

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In this article, we have written about interviews, as a good method of doing market research. The problem with interviews, however, is that it is a relatively costly method to use, as you need employees to contact and interview the people in the focus groups you would like to know more about. However, there is one tool that is cheaper and easier to use, it is the questionnaire. The questionnaire can be created as an online questionnaire, so it is easy to distribute via, for example, e-mail. Another advantage of the market research questionnaire is that you have the results of the survey very quickly and it is easy to process the data afterwards.
What should you ask about in the market research questionnaire?
There is no fact list in relation to this question, as the questions in your questionnaire depend entirely on where your company is and what industry you are in. We therefore do not have a standard questionnaire that all companies can just use. The questionnaire, on the other hand, must be adapted to your unique company and your company's competitive situation. Therefore, we also help you to prepare the questionnaire with the right questions, so you get exactly the answers you need, so that you can lay out the optimal marketing strategy for your company, which you can work on. Once the questionnaire has been answered, we also help to process the data in an easily accessible report from which you can easily draw the most important conclusions.
A market research can be divided into parts for a product survey.

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