Turn customers into loyal promoters.
Grow your business with a continuous feedback loop with NPS.
Collect customer feedback from all touchpoints.
Collect reviews from promoters. Get new customers. Continuously improve NPS.
NPS - Net Promoter Score
Examine feedback, follow NPS. Discover what drives customer loyalty.
Learn from your customers. Take action on feedback. Measure progress.

NPS - find promotores

Strengthen your business with a continuous feedback loop. NPS is one of the best customer loyalty barometers used by companies worldwide. Measure your Net Promoter Score at all your customers' touch points, track and improve your Net Promoter Score.

The road to higher customer loyalty.
What is NPS?

What is NPS?

Net Promoter Score is the best parameter for measuring customer loyalty. It is measured by asking whether you want to recommend your company to a friend or collage measured on a scale from 0-10. Answers in the range 0-6 are opponents of your business, answers in the range 7-8 are passive, answers in the range 9-10 are promoters.

Promoters have such a positive experience of your business that they want to promote (recommend) it to others. The higher on the scale the answer is, the better customer loyalty.

Continuous NPS from multiple touch points.

Collecting NPS gives the best results with a continuous collection, where you can see the development in your score.

In order to give the best picture of your customer loyalty, the collection must take place from all the points of contact that your customers have with your company.
Continuous NPS from multiple touch points.
Customersatisfaction and loyal customers

Customersatisfaction and loyal customers

Our analyzes provide a unique insight into why customers give the NPS score they have chosen.
It provides insight into why they are promoters, passive or opponents.

Find out why your customers like your business and your product, and why they may not.

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