The customer experience of your restaurant is the most important element in building a loyal customer base.
Get feedback from your customers right after a visit.
Instant feedback

Instant feedback

Get feedback from your customers immediately after they have left your restaurant, so that customers' experiences are recorded while they are fresh in mind.

Combine with gamification elements to get better response rates and a better data - make it fun to participate in a survey about your restaurant.

A restaurant is only as good as its reputation. Make sure you know the current reputation of yours.

Total experience

A restaurant visit is a total experience where all elements are connected: how was the food, how good was the combination of food and wine, how good was the service to inform about the food, how attentive was the service, how clean was the restaurant, etc.

Our questionnaire templates for restaurant visits, ensure that you get information customers' experience of all the elements of a visit. Then you can correct any errors.

Only with a good knowledge of the customers' experience of your restaurant can give the customers an experience that exceeds their expectations.
Total experience

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