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Terms of use

Terms & conditions for using this service

1 Preamble

1.1 The present Terms are intended to describe the terms of the trade between the customer and SurveyLabs.

1.2 The Terms apply to all types of agreements between the Parties, provided that the customer has accepted the Terms.

1.3 If a private individual enters into an agreement with SurveyLabs, information on the consumer terms that apply to the agreement in question is provided below.

1.4 SurveyLabs reserves the right to make changes to the Terms on an ongoing basis without prior notice, provided that the updated and applicable Terms are always available on SurveyLabs' website. If a change is considered significant, consumers will be notified of the change with 30 days notice.

2 Definitions

2.1 "Terms" are defined as these Terms.

2.2 "SurveyLabs" is owned and operated by NordicSys ApS, CVR.no. DK31090024

2.3 "Solution" defines the services, services and products that SurveyLabs provides to the customer.

2.4 "The Parties" is used as a collective term for the customer and SurveyLabs.

2.5 "The Account" means the SurveyLabs Account through which Solutions are assigned and administered.

2.6 "Subscription Agreement" is used for the purchase of products made through SurveyLabs' website.

3 Payment terms, prices and fees

3.1 All prices on SurveyLabs' website are basically stated in EUR / DKK / SEK / NOK. Whether VAT is included in the price depends on the respective currency and will always be stated on the website.

3.2 All Solutions must in principle be paid via online payment.

3.3 The customer can upgrade or downgrade his Solution via his control panel free of charge.

3.4 If the customer upgrades a product, the customer must, as a rule, pay the price difference for the original product and the upgraded product, for the rest of the original binding period. Only from the next billing period will the upgraded product be billed independently.

3.5 If the customer downgrades a product, the customer must continue to pay the price for the original product for the remainder of the original lock-in period. Only from the next billing period will the downgraded product be invoiced independently.

3.6 SurveyLabs reserves the right to make typing errors, price changes, discontinued goods and delivery failures from subcontractors.

3.7 SurveyLabs can regulate all prices and fees with a minimum of one month's notice. The price regulation of existing agreements will take effect at the next invoicing period.

3.8 In the event of circumstances beyond SurveyLabs' control, including legal or judicial matters, as well as price increases from SurveyLabs' subcontractors, SurveyLabs is entitled to make price increases without notice. In the event of increasing energy costs, SurveyLabs reserves the right to impose a corresponding energy tax to cover the increased energy costs. Such price changes and charges must be notified to the customer, with a minimum of one month's notice.

4 Creation

4.1 SurveyLabs begins the creation of the Solution immediately after receiving the customer's payment.

4.2 In order to establish an agreement with SurveyLabs, it is assumed that the customer is of legal age, has a valid acceptance from a legal guardian or is a registered company. If this is not the case, an agreement cannot be established.

4.3 After creation, the customer will receive an e-mail with information about the ordered Solution, and possibly. further instructions to the customer.

5 SurveyLabs responsibility

5.1 SurveyLabs is not liable for losses suffered by indirect damages and consequential damages, including loss of expected profit, loss of data or their re-establishment, loss of goodwill, losses in connection with payment transfers, technical breakdowns, unauthorized access or similar consequential damages, in connection with the use of the system or losses due to malfunctions in the system, regardless of whether SurveyLabs has been notified of the possibility of such a loss and whether SurveyLabs can be blamed for the loss on the basis of negligence or the like.

5.2 SurveyLabs strives to make the systems available 24 hours a day, all year round. However, SurveyLabs is entitled to discontinue operations when maintenance or other technical conditions necessitate. Such interruptions will, as far as possible, be notified in advance.

6 Compensation

6.1 The parties are liable for damages in accordance with the general rules of Danish law. The amount of compensation will be limited to the price of the product provided.

6.2 SurveyLabs is not responsible for the following types of losses:

- Operating losses or indirect losses.
- The customer's payroll costs for own staff and external costs for entering lost data and restoring systems.
- The client's expenses for external consultant assistance and advisory assistance.
- The customer's loss of profit and / or goodwill.

7 Force majeure

7.1 According to the agreement, neither Party shall be held liable to the opposing Party in respect of matters beyond the Party's control, which the Party should not have taken into account when signing the contract, nor should it have avoided or overcome.

7.2 Force majeure may only be invoked if the Party in question has given written notice to the other Party within 5 working days after the force majeure situation has occurred.

7.3 Cases of force majeure may include lightning strikes, floods, natural disasters, failing power supplies, failing telecommunications, fire, smoke damage, explosion, water damage, lack of or delayed regulatory approval, government intervention, vandalism, burglary, terrorism, sabotage, weapons, weapons, and lockout, including strike and lockout among SurveyLabs' own employees and any subcontractors. The above applies even if SurveyLabs is a party to the conflict, and even if the conflict only affects parts of SurveyLabs' functions.

8 Right of withdrawal and termination

8.2 When creating a subscription, a 14-day right of withdrawal applies.

8.3 Subscription agreements are pre-invoiced for the period corresponding to the subscription period for the selected product. Termination of a Subscription Agreement takes place automatically if the agreement is not extended by the customer.

8.4 Once payment for a Solution has been registered, incorrectly ordered or remaining periods will in principle not be refunded.

9 Processing of personal data

9.1 As part of SurveyLabs' delivery of the Solution, SurveyLabs processes any personal data that the customer leaves to SurveyLabs.

9.2 SurveyLabs is obliged to take the necessary technical and organizational security measures against the customer's information being accidentally or illegally destroyed, lost or degraded and against it coming to the knowledge of unauthorized persons.

10 Venue

10.1 These Terms shall be construed in accordance with Danish law.

10.2 The Parties undertake to negotiate, through negotiation, to find an amicable solution to conflicts, and to endeavor to do so in such a way that the Parties' other production and other services are not affected.

10.3 In the absence of an amicable settlement after negotiation, the case must be decided definitively and bindingly by arbitration in accordance with the rules of the Danish Arbitration Institute or by a Danish court of choice of SurveyLabs.

11 Contact

11.1 SurveyLabs offers free and unlimited support through our online contact page.

11.2 If the customer wishes to lodge a complaint with SurveyLabs, this can be done via SurveyLabs's contact page.