Workflow integration

Set up your own workflow

Workflow example 1.

SurveyLabs + Zapier workflow example 1
Customer assignment is completed. An email is sent to Zapier + SurveyLabs customer containing a recipient email, which is the customers email. This recipient email, is used to automatically send out survey about the customer experience.

Workflow example 2.

SurveyLabs + Zapier workflow example 1
New completed surveys are retrieved continuously every 15 minutes. These surveys in their raw form is inserted into a spreadsheet.

Zapier, API or Action Trigger ?


Integration with more than 1000 popular apps such as: Dropbox, Zendesk, Wordpress etc via Zapier and SurveyLabs.

Action Trigger

Actions Triggers is a small script for e.g. sending out questionnaires in your workflow. An Action Trigger could activated at:

  • Upon completion of payment

  • At the end of visits

  • When subscribing to a newsletter


Integrate your business applications such as Helpdesk, CRM, internal communication via the SurveyLabs API.