More than 600 templates for a survey:

Template examples

Find out what the respondents really are saying

"- Why did you choose our product?"
Open ended question can be answered with text.
The answers can provide important knowledge, but the amount og answers can be hard to process.
Survey AI analysis
Survey AI analysis
Survey AI analysis

We use AI to make data meaningful

We use AI for machine learning of text recognition. We create clarity through categories and data structure where you can see the essence of your respondents' answers.
chat survey


Get feedback with chatbot
Chatbot for website is a computer program that acts as a virtual assistant.

The chatbot is embedded on your website and collects visitor data & feedback, which in turn enhances the user experience and audience engagement.

Integration into your workflow

Automate your processes and data between your workflows and SurveyLabs.
Take advantage of the possibilities to create automated processes if you want your answers from the questionnaire to be sent directly to another system such as a spreadsheet, crm, email message, etc. This is done easily with Zapier.
SurveyLabs Zapier integration
SurveyLabs Zapier integration

See questions as they are created

We make it easy to create a survey
Survey editor animation
See your questions visually, while they are being created.


Get to know your customers and generate leads at the same time
Gamification gives you higher involvement of your customers, which in turn gives better response rates.

We offer a number of gamification elements that you can use in your survey, whether it is a questionnaire and a quiz.